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Due to the wonderful remarks that we are getting from some of our visitors, we have started a comments page. Thank you to all who have visited, and have taken the time to email your comments. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Sept 29 / 05 - This web site can stand among the best professional sites on the web!  Your design maintains the viewer as the foremost objective; the site is intuitively easy to navigate; its well written explanations loaded with crucial maps, pictures and key information, virtually placed me inside Yelapa itself and took away the mystery of planning my stay there.......George, & Angela C.

Aug 31 / 05 - I must commend you on such a very excellent site. After having viewed it we have decided that a trip (belated honeymoon) to Puerto Vallarta would not be complete without spending as least one day in Yelapa. And for that thank you.......Richard H.

May 31 / 05 - I want to commend you on your web site. It is the reason I am so interested in going to Yelapa for my honeymoon.......Paul R.

Jan 12 / 05 - Thank you so much for putting together this fabulous website!  We visited Yelapa two years ago and had no idea of the extent of what is going on there! We are coming back this March, and look forward to trying out new restaurants and checking out the local tiendas.......Loretta B.

Oct 11 / 04 - You did such an excellent job in putting together this website. It was so easy to cruise through and to get the real feel of the area and it's people. I loved the photos and everything about the town. Can't wait to see the waterfall, and the cement bridge. Awesome job!!.......Helaine

Aug 08 / 04 - Your website is so informative! It has everything I wanted to know about the area.......Kimberley C.

Aug 06 / 04 - Yours is the best Yelapa web site by far!.......Allen N.

July 04 / 04 - Gosh David !!! This is REALLY the Yelapa bible !!!.......Johann

June 21 / 04 - I just spent the last hour researching Yelapa on your website. It's awesome!.......Lissa H.

May 22 / 04 - Your Yelapa website is one of the best one stop travel sites I've ever seen.......Todd Evans

Apr 25 / 04 - Wow! What a great and informative web site. I'm going down to Yelapa for a one week stay based almost entirely on the presentation of your web site.......Steve Cole

Dec 17 / 03 - Thanks for your Yelapa web site - its great - I've used it as a reference both times we have been.......Anna Helmering

Sept 16 / 03 - I am most impressed with your Yelapa website. It’s worth a million bucks!.......Robert Fauchon

July 15 / 03 - I love your website on Yelapa, and I am more excited than ever to go.......Justin Hill

June 13 / 03 - I found your site very interesting! I cannot wait to go to Yelapa.......Mike

Mar 3 / 03 - What a helpful site! I immediately added it to my 'favorites' and will use it as a guide for my planned September visit to Yelapa. Best wishes.....Erika

July 8 / 02 - I am really enjoying your site. It is really informative, once one wanders a bit......Ellen

May 29 / 02 - I just took a look at your Yelapa web site. It looks great. You've done a really good job!.....Liana T.

Apr 14 / 02 - I found your site when looking for info about Mexico. Very nice and informative. I have added a link on my site to it, so everybody can enjoy it.....J. Kersten

Apr 11 / 02 - In our opinion, this is Yelapa's truly official website!..... Cheryl H.

Feb 22 / 02 - I just checked out your site - WOW it's really great. Love all the pics, and the moving graphics. Looks like a cool place to be......Elaine H.

Feb 18 / 02 - Man, this site has been very helpful! I just wanted to first off thank you for all the infomation......Yancey

Feb 16 / 02 - Nice work on the updates for the site. I visit regularly just to get a hit of Yelapa warmth......Frankie K.

Nov 6 / 01 - Found your site about Yelapa tonight, and I am vigorously searching the web for flights to Puerto Vallarta, in order to escape to Yelapa for at least a week or two......Brandon P.

Oct 27 / 01 - We visited your web site, and found it very interesting, and informative......Robert D.

Oct 26 / 01 - I'm impressed with your site!.....Karen L.

Sept 9 / 01 - What a wonderful web site you have created. I have not been to Yelapa in 9 years, and the thought of seeing it on the web blew me away. It has really put me in touch with a lot of people, and made me incredibly excited to go back......Windy B.

Apr 11 / 01 - I found your page on the web and it has been an excellent resource. I'm glad that you have put out such good information, and it has helped out alot......Loranda O.

Jan 26 / 01 - Your Yelapa web site is fabulous and certainly the most gracious promotion of the Yelapan mystique anywhere on the web......Chris F.

Jan 9 / 01 - Having seen you're site on Yelapa, I decided to spend 2 or 3 days there on my next trip to Puerto Vallarta......Claude B.

Oct 10 / 00 - A very nice site :) We have discovered Yelapa on the web, and have decided to go for a week!! Your site has been most helpful in convincing us this is a truly unique getaway from the fax, cell, tv, etc......Adrian and Sarah S.

Sept 17 / 00 - Great to see you've added the new Spanish-language version to your site. A lot of people will be grateful!.....Mick D.

Sept 4 / 00 - Outstanding web site . Visited Yelapa last February for the first time and were blown away. Your site brings back alot of excellent memories and confirms our desire to return......Paul A.

June 25 / 00 - I just found your web page on Yelapa, and am very impressed with the design, layout, and content......Charles M.

Apr 10 / 00 - We are flying into Puerto Vallarta on April 22nd, and I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful web site......Michelle P.

Mar 31 / 00 - Great site you've done for Yelapa. I'm heading there next week Thurs - Monday with some friends for the first time. Your site has helped me prepare for our trip wonderfully! Thanks......Kathleen W.

Mar 16 / 00 - Just wanted to say that your site is great. It was really helpful in planning my trip to Yelapa this weekend......Jim A.

Mar 12 / 00 - Just wanted to tell you what a great, informative page you have created!.....Linda M.

Jan 14 / 00 - Just spied your Yelapa website. Congrats on a very informative and nicely laid out site......Joni C.

Nov 30 / 99 - Your web site has been very helpful. My friend and I are meeting two of our friends in Yelapa over the winter holiday. One of the people we are meeting has stayed in Yelapa several times and teaches and takes classes at a cooking school there. He told us about your web site and I wanted to thank you for all of the information.......Hannah and Tom