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A Guide to the Restaurants, and Businesses of Yelapa

Yelapa has many restaurants that cater to the local people, as well as the tourists. A great seafood meal of giant shrimp, "camarones", served with garlic, butter and spices, or freshly caught red snapper or dorado, served with rice, a vegetable, and the traditional tortillas, are prepared to perfection. "Sarandeado" (barbecued fish on a stick) is a local specialty. Most of the local establishments do not accept Visa / Mastercard, and it is better to bring cash. The "Beach Restaurant / Bars" are open during the day while the tourists are in town, but some do stay open during the evening. Some of the "Village Restaurant / Bars" are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The atmosphere in all restaurants is casual.

*Note* There are 3 maps of the Yelapa area. The first is a map of the Beach area, the second is a map of the area between the Beach and the Village, and the last is a map of the Yelapa Village area. Click on the links below to go to one of the other maps. Mapa Jeff Cartography - Excellent area maps for purchase

#1 The Beach

#2 Between the Beach & Village

#3 Yelapa Village

Between the Beach & Village Map



5 Yelapa Oasis




Click on the numbered links above to see a photo, and description of each of the businesses. Each link will open in a new window. You must close that window before clicking on another link.

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