Getting here...

To travel to Yelapa, you must first go to Puerto Vallarta, which is located on the west coast of Mexico (see map below). Once you are in Vallarta, you can take different types of boat travel to Yelapa. There are no cars in Yelapa, although there is a road which leads to the outskirts of the village. The road is used mostly for the delivery of building materials used by the community. The most widely used method of travel to and from the pueblo is by boat. There are two other pages with maps, schedules, and other important information. One is for Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa, and the other is for Yelapa to Puerto Vallarta.

Click on the links below to view the other maps, and boat schedules

#1 Mexico Map

#2 Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa

#3 Yelapa to Puerto Vallarta

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