(To call these phone numbers from the USA, or Canada, dial 011-52-322 and then the numbers below. )

Airlines - Puerto Vallarta International Airport is served by twelve major airlines and countless charter companies. Some of the major lines are Areomar, Tel 221-0815, Areotron, Tel. 221-1921, Aero Mexico, Tel. 224-2777, Air Canada Touram (Charter), Air Transat (Charter), Alaska Airlines, Tel. 221-1350, America West, Tel. 221-1333, American Airlines, Tel. 221-1799, Canadian Airlines International (Charter), Tel. 221-0736, Canada 3000 (Charter), Continental Airlines, Tel. 221-1025, Delta Air Lines, Tel. 221-1032, Mexicana de Aviacion, Tel. 224-8900, NorthWest Airlines, Taesa Airlines, Tel. 221-1531, and TWA. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport Management Office, Tel. 221-1325.

Taxis - Taxis are everywhere. Just step outside your hotel or onto any street curb and wave as one approaches. Always ask how much "cuanto". If you are in near downtown and only going a couple of miles, it shouldn't be more than 20 or 30 pesos ($2 or $3 U.S.), maybe a little more if you have to go further. The taxis are really very convenient and cheap to use, and you shouldn't have any problems with prices as long as you always ask how much before getting in. If you are going to a restaurant or something, do not let the taxi driver talk you into going to some place he is suggesting rather than where you want to go.

Buses - The buses are a very easy, fun and cheap way to get around. Sometimes they can get crowded. Bus signs are blue with a picture of a bus and he word "parada" means bus-stop. The current bus fare to go anywhere in town is about 4.5 pesos (48 cents U.S.). Buses going south to Mismaloya depart from Calle Constitucion and Basilio Badillo (see map). The Bus lines are an inexpensive way of traveling to other cities, and regions of Mexico. Prices vary depending on what is included in the service. There is a table below with phone numbers of the various Bus Lines.

Local Buses

To get to...

Take the bus called...


Ixtapa, Juntas, or Aeropuerto

Marina Vallarta

Any of above, Marina, or Vidafel

Hotel Zone

Any of above, or Pitillal

Bus Terminal

Olas Atlas, or Centro

Mismaloya & Tomatlan

Mismaloya, or Boca

Long Distance Buses

Bus Line

Telephone Number

Estrella Blanca


Del Pacifico


Primera Plus






Norte de Sonora


Mopeds - Mopeds are available to rent around town. I know of at least one place on Olas Altas. You can rent them by the hour or day. They are a lot of fun, but be very careful if you are not accustomed to driving in Mexico. Make sure they give you a helmet and use it. Also be sure to read the fine print on the rental agreement to make sure you know what the your liabilities are.

Car Rentals - Car rentals are available at the airport and many of the hotels. You may get the best rates by reserving in advance from U.S. based companies, but some local agencies offer some reasonable rates as well. Some of the major car rental agencies are, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and Thrify.

Note About Auto Insurance and Gas - If you do rent a car, get insurance. You can find yourself in a lot of trouble if you do not have insurance, even if an accident wasn't your fault. When getting gas, don't just say "fill it up". Ask for a specific dollar amount (100 pesos for example). Check that the guy has reset the pump to zero, and then watch the pump to make sure you get it all.

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