Yelapa Friends

of the Clean Earth

We are honored to welcome those who come from all over the world to share in the unique experience that is Yelapa. We all have a love of the local culture, and respect the commitment of the pueblo in seeking a waste management solution. Some of the rare qualities which enchant us, such as the isolation and freedom from electricity, cars and roads also make recycling our wastes doubly difficult. We must all help to develop creative in-pueblo solutions if we want to make a permanent contribution towards a clean and healthy environment!

Don't Hesitate....Separate!

Written by Ali

I must admit, I did hesitate. At first I hired a nice man to haul away my trash. I didn't want to see it, and I certainly didn't want to know where he took it. "Denial, denial, denial". As recycling for Yelapa became more of a reality, this solution didn't feel right. I felt guilty! Sooo, I meditated asking the questions: What do I do? How do I do it? The answers came... I decided to set up a separation center for myself, and the family next door. I provided 6 plastic trash cans with tight fitting lids:


for metal cans etc.


for white, and transparent plastic bottles


for colored plastic bottles, such as Clorox


for glass


for old worn, clean plastic bags


a smaller one for small batteries (flashlight)

I marked in permanent marker what goes in each receptacle. I also added a reminder to wash clean before depositing. It's important to have tight fitting tops for the rainy season. I line each container with a black plastic bag. When it is full, I pull it out, and tie it, and it is ready to take to the pick up place. It's easy and fun once you get started. Yelapa is worth it!

During your stay in Yelapa, don' be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution! Please recycle all of your wastes and take them to the pick up areas. The result, is a clean Yelapa for everyone. íMuchas Gracias!

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